The morning gatherings on the set of the magazine of Telecinco. Ana Rosa’s program has decided not to accept the new conditions imposed dew flowers. By not reaching an agreement, the daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores is left “on the street” and without her main source of income, according to lectures. Rocío loses one of her work engines and that has been her gateway on television.

The young woman began her career in reality survivors in 2020. A year later, she made her debut as a talk show host on sets and did so with the help of Ana Rosa Quintana, her television mentor. Last February she signed it’s already eight o’clock, where he sat with his aunt, Gloria Camila. She has also maintained her collaborations in the debates of SV. A meteoric experience in just two years.

Now his dismissal from Telecinco’s morning magazine can have a high impact on his social networks. Rocío will have less visibility and less presence, not only on TV, but also on her social profiles. This will have an impact on her audience and, as a consequence, also on her advertising contracts.