The war between Hiba Abouk and Hakimi, in numbers: she claims 10 million euros and he offers two

A storm is brewing between the actress and the soccer player, who announced their separation just a month ago, after he was accused of having abused a young woman in his Parisian home. The couple got married under community property and now it was time to distribute them, but Hiba Abouk she found that her still husband had put all his fortune in his mother’s name. But how much money are we talking about? Well, neither more nor less than 10 million euros. They are the ones that the protagonist of Prince. JudgeFor the moment, he offers two to close a friendly agreement.

According to The vanguard, Hiba Abouk’s anger and stupefaction upon discovering the play of the father of his children were maximum. He did not expect it but he does not intend to sit idly by either and the law firm he has hired in Paris is already considering filing a lawsuit against Hakimi for a crime of fraud and mismanagement of the joint venture.

Let’s remember that the couple has two children: Aminthree years old, and Naim, one’s. The first came just a year after they made their courtship official. A few weeks before, they had said “yes, I want” in a private ceremony: “We did not get married before our son was born. It was something very familiar,” she said. They hoped their offspring would grow up a bit so they could enjoy a big party: “We want you to participate.”

Hiba and Achraf’s love story has taken a radical turn. He was accused by a young woman of having sexually assaulted her in her house last March and a few days later, Abouk herself announced that they had started separation proceedings a few weeks before. “The important thing is that I have the peace of mind of having tried and having done everything I had to do. There are decisions that cannot be made overnight. For me it is a premise not to rush into moments of crisis. Things are there “You have to do them from calm and from love. When you separate, you restructure your life, but it’s not anything special either: you have to take iron out of the matter,” he said a few days ago.

The situation has been tensed by the declarations of Sayda Hakimi, mother of the soccer player, in a Moroccan environment. “My son did not inform me of the transfer of his fortune,” she said. “If he has taken any action to protect himself, I don’t know, but… What’s the problem if it’s true? If my son doesn’t do that, he won’t be able to get rid of that woman.”