The vital abyss of Carmen Borrego: her worst personal moment is joined by the end of Sálvame

carmen borrego He can’t take it anymore and has hit rock bottom. Adding to the worst of the personal moments that he has had to live is now that he will soon be out of a job, after the announcement of the end of Save me next June. The journalist also has to deal with the delicate health of her mother, Maria Teresa Camposthe bad relationship with his sister, have him, and the estrangement of his son. Borrego is suffering a Everything at once everywhere difficult to bear: “He is going through one of the worst moments of his life,” they say around him.

“Carmen is desperate. She is aware that her future is more than uncertain and the situation at home is not the most appropriate to lose her job at the moment,” say sources close to de las Campos’s youngest daughter.

As stated in the magazine WeekBorrego also knows that “her colleagues are going to find it easier to relocate. Others have a plan B and do not need television to live. But she has no income outside of television, and inside she does not have all with her either,” say those who they appreciate it and know it.

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Terelu’s sister is moving to solve her employment situation: “She is already talking to people in the middle to try to have a place in a program for when Save me has disappeared from the grill”. However, after consulting with various producers, Week has collected the opinion of media professionals in this regard: “It is complicated,” they say.

And it is that the image that he has gained in recent years as a communication professional “is very corseted. He is not a collaborator to use. And he is a character, and a very marked character”, respond those connoisseurs of television profiles.

Ageism and character, not person

In addition, as they analyze, “you have to be honest: Carmen, like other colleagues, is at a difficult age to get back on her feet.” And it is that Carmen’s career has been closely linked to that of her mother, and she has directed programs such as Day to day, Every day y What Interestsuntil he happened to be in front of the camera.

It was in 2014 when the journalist, who began her career as a producer on Canal + news, began to be in front of the camera, and since she was discovered on the reality show the fieldsparticipated as a collaborator in Telecinco and in several territorial televisions: “Nine years have passed and that on television is a long time,” say those who are concerned about her, because they know how difficult it is for them to call her again for a similar project.

In addition, the professional and family ties do not help, because he has coincided with his sister Terelu and with his niece Alejandra on the screens, and that seemed like an advantage, but now it can be a drag: “What she loses sleep over is that if she got on TV because of her family, she can’t continue alone. She sees how her companions start to move and talk of future projects, while she has no offers.

To hide her situation, Carmen has jokingly said, but without ruling out the idea, that she is going to open a chicken roaster advised by bethlehem estebanher friend, and who has already thought of the name: See you later Mari Carmen. And it is that he needs to work, because as he has recognized on occasions, his economy is not abundant and he cannot afford not to work.

His work situation deepens the concern that he already had due to the bad relationship with his son, Jose Maria, which has not improved at all. The collaborator complained a few days ago that what hurt her the most “is that she doesn’t love me.” Her son is about to make her a grandmother, and she points to her daughter-in-law, Paola, as guilty of the disaffection of his son, who has not been amused when his mother says that he “has no personality and allows himself to be manipulated”.

Carmen’s problem, according to her people, is that she says things that annoy others, and then she regrets it. Just like she has happened to her when she has talked about her mother and her delicate state of health, and her sister Terelu has answered her angrily. “Terelu does not like others to talk about her mother, not even her sister, that she will have to say something, because Teresa is as much her mother as Terelu’s,” say those close to Borrego, who affirms that she was the first to speak of how was her mother was the eldest of the sisters, and then she left the little one at the feet of the horses.