LaLiga denounces before Competition and Anti-Violence the invasion of the field during the celebration of Barça


LaLiga sent a complaint this Wednesday to the RFEF Competition Committee and the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport the invasion of the pitch last Sunday at the RCDE Stadium by Espanyol fans in the moment in which FC Barcelona celebrated the title.

The celebration for the League title for the culé team was cut short by the invasion of the field by a significant number of local fans, which prevented the traditional Barca sardana and challenged security, with throwing objects and moments of tension .

In the midst of the celebration of the squad and coaching staff in the center of the field, the invasion of the pitch began, forcing them to run to the changing room tunnel. No member of Barça came into contact with the fans who jumped violently in their direction, cut off by security forces at the mouth of the tunnel. The hundred followers spent about 20 minutes stalking that door into the stadium.

LaLiga, in its traditional letter of complaints each day to Competition and Anti-Violence, included this matter, stressing that “both the club’s private security personnel and riot police had to intervene, causing certain relevant material damages associated with the technical equipment of the production of the party”. It must be remembered that the images captured an amateur throwing one of the television cameras to the ground.

“It must be indicated, and according to information provided by the local club, that for this meeting the club itself had increased the usual private security device, going from 107 to 167 security guards, and from 390 to 460 security assistants”, added.

In addition, LaLiga stressed that “the vast majority” of the fans who invaded the pitch of the RCDE Stadium “came from the lower tier of Gol Cornellá” and highlighted “especially” that the ‘perico’ team, “as a preventive measure and during the course of the match”, issued several times through the video scoreboards a message recalling the current legislation for the prevention of violence in sport.

The body chaired by Javier Tebas already announced last Monday that it had already “analyzed” after the end of the match “all the images” of the events that occurred and that “in collaboration with RCD Espanyol”, it would identify “all those responsible for prevent them from returning to the stadiums” and that he would denounce “the facts before the competent bodies”.