Madonna “riding” on Maluma: private photos of their “ridiculously close” relationship are leaked

In between Madonna y Maluma there is trouble This is demonstrated by some images that have transcended and that the queen of pop published on her private Instagram account. They show a “ridiculously close” attitude with the Colombian, according to the collaborators of both stars, during the rehearsals of the performances that they will carry out together in Latin America on the next tour of the queen of pop.

“She gives him a big kiss in front of the other dancers and then straddles him,” they told Page Six a source who has been able to see the video and images. “They look very intimate,” she confirmed.

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Co-workers who were in the recordings together have explained that the American and the composer “were very comfortable and cuddly, so much so that the other people decided to leave them alone to continue with whatever was happening.”

What they have confirmed happened is that this “intense friendship” transcended the video clip rehearsals, since “they spent a few days together during rehearsals, where the flirting began, and then they spent the whole weekend together in New York”; it is not difficult to draw conclusions.

Madonna, who is 64 years old, and Juan Luis Londoño (Maluma), who is a 29-year-old boy, will be together for a good part of the Queen of Pop’s tour of Latin American lands, for which they have been rehearsing together. in New York to present the best of shows.

The singer has a public Instagram account and a private one, and it is in the latter that she has posted the photographs that reveal the situation of “extreme closeness” between them. These are black and white images in which you can see the blonde ambition straddling the young Latino when he is lying on the floor.

The chemistry between the two was already palpable when they collaborated in 2019 in another video in which the star of desperately seeking susan He sucked the Colombian’s toes with a certain passion, with the hanger in the background of the theme Medellín. The two have been friends since they met at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

This possible relationship is not surprising, knowing Madonna’s background, that if she likes a boy, she is not cut off at all, as happened on a visit to Spain in the 90s and she fell in love with a still unknown man in Hollywood. Antonio Banderas. However, it does not fit with the confirmation last March of the relationship between the artist and the boxer Josh Popper, thanks to a photo in which they appeared kissing. It is possible that the mature blonde has a love affair in various ports in case she misses one.