bad news for Tamara Falco. One day after proclaiming that Inigo Onieva has formally asked her to marry him, a video has been published in which the businessman can be seen having a movie kiss with an unknown woman and that has nothing to do with the Marchioness of Griñón.

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Some images in which he neither cuts when seeing the camera, nor hides. In fact, seconds after the passionate kiss, she comes out smiling and sticking out her tongue. has been the medium Edatv who has brought to light the controversial video, which, they say, took place just two weeks ago during the celebration of the Burning Man festival in the United States.

Youtube Video

Tamara and Íñigo’s relationship has been under the media spotlight from the beginning due to the continuous rumors that there have been third parties, information that came to light without evidence and that the Marchioness of Griñón did not take into account… but, ¿ what will you say about these images?

Screenshot of ‘Edatv’ video

On Thursday, September 22, Tamara went to the set of the anthill and claimed to be very happy after receiving the marriage request from her boyfriend. However, Onieva was captured very seriously by the press this Friday. Does it have something to do his attitude with the images? And most importantly, will the wedding continue after this controversy?