The unusual image of King Felipe VI and Infanta Cristina: together again in a public event

After many years of tug-of-war and a tense relationship, the king Philip VI and the Infanta Cristina They have starred in an unusual image by meeting together again at an official event. The King has presided alone – Mrs. Letizia is in Guatemala on her ninth cooperation trip – the 42nd edition of the award ceremony for postgraduate scholarships abroad from the La Caixa Foundation, the company for which the infanta works as director of the international area. It is the first time that she has attended this annual event.

The CaixaForum venue in Madrid has witnessed this long-awaited reunion between brothers after years of tension. The first public one, at least, since it is confirmed that they have been seen at family events such as the celebration of Princess Leonor’s coming of age or the 60th birthday of Infanta Elena.

It should be remembered that since 2011, the year in which Iñaki Urdangarin – at that time the Infanta’s husband – was charged with the Noos Case, the Infanta has been removed from the institutional agenda. Furthermore, in 2015, the head of state revoked the title of Duchess of Palma and shortly after limited the royal family to only six members: he and Letizia as Kings of Spain, their daughters Leonor and Sofía and their parents, Don Juan Carlos. and Mrs. Sofia.

Years later, the relationship between the brothers has improved following the separation of the infanta from the former Duke of Palma. However, in this meeting they have avoided the image together at all costs. From the side of the second row, the princess listened to the monarch’s speech before giving her scholarships to a hundred students. After leaving the stage, she took her rightful place in the front row. Thus, before the cameras, no type of interaction between them has been seen.

King Felipe IV at the 42nd edition of the La Caixa Foundation’s postgraduate scholarships abroad ceremony

This moment coincides with Letizia’s trip to Guatemala and the return of Infanta Elena to the royal agenda, who this Thursday will preside over the award ceremony of the XXXIII edition of the Children’s and Youth Painting Contest for National Heritage Schools.