Irene Urdangarin ignores her mother and makes a pout in her photo with Victoria Federica: “I love you madly”

Irene Urdangarin She turned 19 this Wednesday, June 5, and this past weekend she was in charge of celebrating it in advance with a Bourbon summit in which her boyfriend Juan, Teresa Urquijo’s brother, with whom she is also related, was also present, since her grandmother The young man is the first cousin of the king emeritus. Everything remains family. On social networks he was also happy to find some congratulations, such as that of his cousin Victoria Federica..

“Congratulations to this little person. I love you madly. Enjoy as you deserve”, the daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar wrote to him. The two pose in a selfie they took in the field, both dressed in two green jackets very much in their style. Irene, who has already finished her volunteer work in Cambodia, makes a pout for the photo.

Both cousins ​​are solid. As the publication says, they love each other madly. Through this photograph, Froilán’s sister, who is four years older than him, not only boasts of being a cousin, but also shows that she is very close to her despite the information that assures that Infanta Cristina is not happy with the influence that she can have on her. give to your daughter. Nothing could be further from her desires to see Irene as an Instagrammer on social networks following in the footsteps of her cousin. Irene, for the moment, maintains a low profile on social media. Her account is privatized and only about 700 friends can see what she posts.

Irene, who moved with her grandmother Doña Sofía to Zarzuela, is very excited at this stage of her life, in which the brother-in-law of the mayor of Madrid has a lot to do with the figure that appears on her face. They have been dating for a few months and the relationship, which the Bourbons are delighted with, seems more than consolidated.

Juan Urquijo’s smile after attending Irene’s birthday in Madrid

A year has passed since his graduation in Geneva, which became a Bourbon conclave also attended by his father, Iñaki, and his paternal grandmother, Claire Liebaert. His plans involved entering the Swiss hospitality school École Hôtelière de Lausanne, a prestigious training center whose annual tuition is around 140,000 euros, as published. It turns out that Irene did not pass the entrance exams. The cut-off mark was not forthcoming, so, faced with the sabbatical year that was on the horizon, she embarked on volunteering in Cambodia with the help of the NGO of Jesuit Kike Figaredo, a family friend. Now it’s her turn to return to Madrid. Her mother is dedicated to her so that she can resume her studies and not hang up her books like Victoria Federica, according to the magazine. Readings.