The reunion between Doña Letizia and the first lady of Guatemala: complicity, laughter and comfortable shoes

Just six hours after landing in Guatemala, the queen has released the planning for her first day of visit. The opening ceremony of this trip, the ninth of solo cooperation, began with the official reception of the first lady, Lucrecia Hairstyle, in the emblematic National Palace of Culture. A meeting for which the two ladies have chosen very comfortable looks and flat shoes, from which Mrs. Letizia has not left her side since she fractured a toe on her right foot at the beginning of May.

Letizia and Lucrecia, who last saw each other in February during a lunch at the Royal Palace in Madrid, have a very good relationship and have shown it between laughter, talks and confidences throughout the day. Both mothers and women of their time, share common interests and causes and work on projects such as the fight for equality, against gender violence, mental health, education and childhood; the main axes of the Queen’s visit.

The wife of Felipe VI has once again worn her red vest as a cooperator from the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation), which she probably will not part with these days, and has changed the usual Panama Jack boots that she always wears on her cooperation trips. for brown ones of respectful last. Hairstyle, for her part, she has opted for a brown linen two-piece that she has combined with white sneakers, in solidarity with her guest.

Doña Letizia and the first lady of Guatemala

After the welcome reception, Letizia and the first lady of Guatemala enjoyed a working breakfast followed by a meeting on mental health challenges. During the talk, the host and the wife of Felipe VI were able to learn about the work of the Ja’Marill women’s association and exchanged opinions with different authorities, such as the ambassador of Spain, Clara Girba, the wife of the mayor of Guatemala City, Dominique de Quiñonez, or the Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Eva Granados, among others.

Doña Letizia at the meeting on mental health

Afterwards, they toured the Centenario Park and the public space recovery works, where Spanish Cooperation workers have intervened. A long walk led by Luis Mozas, the expert heritage coordinator who explained the construction process step by step.

Letizia and Lucrecia walking through the Centenario Park in Guatemala

The visit planning for this Thursday will begin with Mrs. Letizia’s attendance at a water and sanitation project in San José Chacayá. Immediately afterwards, she will head to Chumaltenango to visit another project dedicated to women’s freedom from gender violence. Before her return to Spain, Letizia will have a talk among representatives of Spanish cooperation at the Ibero-American Training Center in La Antigua.