The U21s fit their first defeat against Russia

De la Fuente players retain the lead despite falling in Khimki


The Spanish Under-21 team could not maintain its undefeated condition this Tuesday in the qualification for the European Cup in Georgia and Romania in 2023 after losing to Russia (1-0), at the Khimki Arena stadium, on the sixth day of the group stage.

The team led by Luis de la Fuente will retain the lead after their visit to Russia, but will no longer be able to boast an immaculate statistic or a reassuring advantage. It is also the first defeat for the Spanish Under-21 team in a qualifying round since September 2018, when they lost 1-2 to Northern Ireland.

This Thursday, without great options despite the reaction in the second half, the Russians were more effective and knew how to leave the points at home with a goal from the newcomer Konstantin Tyukavin, 19 years old.

The Dinamo Moscow forward had only been on the field for two minutes when he made a great triangulation – supported on the left wing – to define with a right hand from outside the area. The shot slightly brushed against Miranda and it was impossible for Aguirrezabala to stop. Russia had already warned minutes before with a shot to the crossbar.

That goal, half an hour before the end of the match, was decisive for a Russian team that had no qualms about defending. Spain went on the attack and generated several clear chances to have equalized the match. First with a shot by Francés and – followed by the Russian goal – with another shot by Sergio Gómez.

Russia was fed up with fouling in the second leg of the second half and the Spanish Under-21s, with Nico Williams and Camello as substitutions, tried to take advantage of a situation that ultimately did not pay off. Mikhail Galaktionov’s men took advantage of the situation to damage the counter, although they could not expand the score either.

In this way, Spain conceded its first defeat in the qualifying phase -after six games played- but retains the first place due to the general goal difference with Russia, both teams with 15 points. The next commitment of the Spanish Under-21 will be on March 25, 2022 at home against Lithuania.


– RESULT: RUSSIA, 1 – SPAIN, 0 (0-0, at halftime).


RUSIA: Borisko; Silyanov, Kuzmichev, Prokhin, Stepanov; Umyarov, Mukhin, Maradishvili (Prutsev, min. 57), Sevikyan (Suleimanov, min. 46)), Khlusevich y Agalarov (Tyukavin, min. 58).

SPAIN: Agirrezabala; Miranda, Guillamón, Fontán, French; Sancet (Camello, min.69), Vencedor (Gragera, min.46), Turrientes (Francho, min.53); Lobete (Campos-Ansó, min.46), Abel Ruiz (Nico Williams, min.83) and Sergio Gómez.


1-0, min.60, Tyukavin.

– REFEREE: Jochem Kamphuis (NED). He cautioned Maradishvili (min.36), Agalarov (min.38), Stepanov (min.41), Kuzmichev (min.62), Suleimanov (min.73) and Mukhin (min.89) in Russia with a yellow card; and Turrientes (min.34) and Vencedor (min.45 + 2) in Spain.

–ESTADIO: Arena Khimki.