The TAD resolves the Rubiales file this Friday


The Administrative Court of Sports (TAD) will resolve this Friday the file opened against the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales for the kiss to the international Jenni Hermoso and his gesture in the box after the final of the Women’s World Cup. Australian and New Zealand football, advances the legal portal ‘Iusport’.

In its resolution of August 31, the court partially upheld the complaint presented by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and agreed to open a disciplinary file against Luis Rubiales for two infractions that it classified as serious against sporting decorum, although it ruled out the very serious one of authority abuse.

As reported this Monday by Europa Press, Luis Rubiales requested the filing and dismissal of said file from the TAD, which proposed two sanctions, each one of one year and six months, considering both actions as serious infractions by the Sports Law and the legislation of Athletic discipline.

In his 18-page appeal, Rubiales’s defense argued that these sanctions “do not correspond” with the reasoning in the rest of the text of the proposed resolution, since, on the contrary, they appear “disconnected” and project a “arbitrary” and “unjustified” request. In this sense, Rubiales considers that the sanction should be, in the worst case, a warning, fine or disqualification of three or six months.

In his statement, the former president of the RFEF denounced the “permeability” and “influence” of media pressure and the political powers of the TAD, and announced that he would be “served on a platter” by going to criminal jurisdiction “in case that a sanction is consumed for these facts”.

Likewise, Rubiales regretted that there has been a “bestial theatricalization”, a “brutal demagoguery” and a “lynching” in his case, as well as pointing out the “capricious coincidence” in the number of his file, 155, with the article of the Constitution that the Government applied in 2017 in Catalonia, after the declaration of independence by the Parliament.

On the other hand, he censured and described as “very serious” the “malicious” leak of the proposed 3-year sanction by a member of the TAD to the press, generating “a parallel public trial” and “total helplessness.”

He admitted that the gesture of touching his genitals in the box was a “gross”, “inappropriate” and “ordinary” act, but he reiterated that it was directed at the then national coach, Jorge Vilda, and stressed that neither said gesture nor that of the kiss Jenni Hermoso “are contrary to sporting dignity and decorum.”

She confessed that she should have omitted the kiss to Hermoso, although she insisted again that it was a “mutual” and “spontaneous” gesture due to the immense joy of having just won the first women’s soccer World Cup in history, as well as that it had no impact whatsoever. in sporting competition and cannot be sanctioned “with the law in hand”.