Jorge Javier reappears to celebrate the investiture of “Perro” and sends a message to Feijóo: “It will last in Congress as long as Cuentos Chinos on Telecinco”

The first thing that Jorge Javier Vázquez has done after Pedro Sánchez was inaugurated as President of the Government has been to upload a photo to X [antes Twitter] in which he appears posing in a tiny swimsuit on a beach to accompany a text message loaded with intention (political and television).

“Dog, make me yours once more”, wrote the presenter, a faithful follower and voter of Pedro Sánchez. At the same time, Jorge Javier has sent a message to Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “It will last in Congress as long as Chinese Stories on Telecinco”.

Jorge Javier predicts little progress for the leader of the PP as head of the opposition and compares his situation with that of Chinese storiesthe program that Vázquez presented on Telecinco for just ten days last September.

Mediaset withdrew the format after achieving catastrophic audience results and, since then, Vázquez has not returned to television. As seen in the image that he has published on Twitter, the communicator is going through a few days of restenjoying typical tropical products, between coconuts and caipirinhas.

Jorge Javier still has a network contract with Mediaset and, at least for now, has no project planned. In any case, the communicator is expected to return in 2024 at the head of a new edition of Survivors.