Juan Carlos I said he would return “soon” to Galicia. It is his wish and he wants to fulfill it. The Emeritus King lives the regattas with passion and intensity. He loves sailing and he loves the sea. Now he returns to Sanxenxo, where he will embark again on his beloved Bribón 500 to compete in the 8th edition of the regatta that bears his name, the Rey Juan Carlos I-El Corte Inglés Master, and which will be held on September 29, 30 and 1 of October in the estuary of the Pontevedra town. He publishes it The Digital Confidential.

Just a few days ago, Felipe VI’s father was proclaimed champion of the 6M class at the World Championships on the Isle of Wight, south of England. At 85 years old, he revalidated his title for the third time. During that long-awaited competition, Juan Carlos maintained a low media profile. A circumstance that aligns with the desire of the King’s House, which leans towards a discreet, measured and prudent presence. No media noise.

For this circumstance to occur, the frequency factor must be entered into this equation. The more times you visit Sanxenxo, the more photographs of Juan Carlos I we have landing at the Peinador port in Vigo or descending the stairs of the Real Club Náutico port or riding the waves of the estuary. The more times, the less expectation it will arouse. The frequency and repetition of still photography reduces informational tension.

Another thing is that Don Juan Carlos would like to attend the Flag Oath of his granddaughter Leonor at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, which will take place on October 7. Ceremony that the Kings will most likely attend. The emeritus himself attended the swearing-in of his son in October 1985. That snapshot would be, by far, the image of the day.

On this occasion, if its passage through Galician waters is confirmed, it will coincide with the week of Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s investiture: the dates being considered point to September 26 and 27. Even at 29 in the second vote.