Daniel Sancho He remains admitted to the island of Koh Samui while his parents, Rodolfo Sancho y Silvia Bronchalo, maintain a parallel ‘war’ for both wanting to represent their son in front of the Thai Court. Meanwhile, new information comes to light about the past of Sancho Gracia’s grandson, who confessed to having murdered and dismembered the Colombian surgeon. Edwin Arrieta on August 2 on the island of Koh Phangan.

Among them, a “traumatic” event has been put on the table that changed their lives: “Eight years ago a very traumatic event occurred, an unexpected death occurred for Daniel, a death that affected the entire family in an unexpected way,” they said. this weekend on Telecinco.

They assured that this death was a turning point for the 29-year-old chef: “This causes him a very strong shock and there begins a change in Daniel’s life that with more or less luck has been resolved but that “In view of what has happened and in view of that letter that Rodolfo Sancho delivers to Edwin’s family, it can clarify many things.”

On the set of Emma García they added: “Perhaps this will help to understand it or give some explanation or there is something that Daniel Sancho’s defense can rely on.”

Daniel Sancho remains behind bars. His father traveled to Thailand two weeks ago and visited him three times, but after a few days he returned to Spain because he thought that his presence in the Asian country could harm him. Daniel does have his mother, Silvia Bronchalo, nearby, who remains in Thailand.

The lack of communication between his two parents has been evidenced, since both have presented a power of attorney to represent their son while he is in prison. The protagonist’s request Isabel was accepted, while she has not obtained a satisfactory response from the head of the court.