The Spanish women’s basketball team sponsored this Tuesday the premiere of the Plaza 3×3 CaixaBank 2022 circuit in Melilla, with more than
350 participants in almost 90 teams of all categories, in a day with more than 100 games and to which some 2,000 visitors have attended in the Plaza de España.

Melilla has been the scene of the circuit’s first stop of the year, which has a schedule that in the coming months will take it to 11 other cities throughout Spain. As on every occasion, in addition to the competition matches, shooting and skill contests were held, organized and entertained by the Ambassador of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) Fernando Romay.

In the middle of the afternoon, the members of the team appeared, playing with the little ones and also delighting the older ones with photos and autographs.

This first stop on the Plaza 3×3 CaixaBank 2022 circuit has had the support of the Autonomous City of Melilla and the Melilla Basketball Federation, as well as the participation of a team of some 25 volunteers attached to the successful FEB-CaixaBank Volunteer Program. The event included a wheelchair basketball exhibition by players from the historic Minusval Melilla.

The captain of the Spanish team, Silvia Domínguez, stated that “it is a pleasure to be here and share this day of street basketball”. “We were here four years ago and we hope that you will give us luck again on our way, and that you come to see us this week at the games,” she commented.

For his part, the women’s coach, Miguel Méndez, stressed that they feel “very comfortable” in Melilla. “It’s incredible, we have been able to do all our work very well, and now we want to invite you to come to our two games and enjoy this team, which is everyone’s team,” he said.

The FEB launched the Plaza 3×3 program in 2012, from its first edition by CaixaBank. Since its inception, the circuit has reached 101 stops, 45,000 participants and 225,000 visitors. All this in a total of 42 cities throughout Spain.