The Spanish women’s team, runner-up in Europe for the third time in 3×3 basketball


The Spanish women’s basketball team won the silver medal on Thursday in the 3×3 European Championship, held in Jerusalem (Israel), after losing the final 21-18 against the Netherlands team.

The group made up of Gracia Alonso de Armiño, Juana Camilion, Vega Gimeno and Sandra Ygueravide thus added the third silver to Spain’s list of winners throughout the tournament, after those obtained in 2017 (edition held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and in 2019 (held in Debrecen, Hungary).

Always trailing behind on the scoreboard, the Dutch Loyce Bettonvil, Janis Boonstra, Noortje Driessen and Kiki Fleuren were superior and, moreover, they showed calm when their opponents came from behind to draw (18-18). At 49.7 seconds from the conclusion, the sentence came in his favor after a personal foul by Camilion on Fleuren.

There, Fleuren scored both free throws (20-18) and his team had immediate possession. Driessen served and passed to Boonstra, who returned the ball, so that the ’30’ of the ‘Oranje’ team rushed the end line and scored before the unsuccessful defense of Camilion.