María Jiménez’s son talks about the “outlandish” funeral that his mother will have: farewell “like Camarón”

After the death of Maria Jimenez, the family complies with the last wishes of the figure of the Spanish song. The singer, who has died at the age of 73 after suffering from lung cancer that she did not speak publicly about, she designed her own funeral.

This Thursday, the body of the artist is being veiled in the burning chapel that has been installed in the Seville City Hall. Numerous well-known faces have traveled there, including Fran Rivera, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Toñi Moreno and Carlos Herrera. The chapel will be open until ten at night and will reopen this Friday from eight to ten in the morning.

As we have stated, the bailaora’s funeral mass will be held this Friday, September 8 at 11:30 a.m. in the Church of Santa Ana, in her beloved Seville neighborhood of Triana. From there, the mortal remains of the incomparable interpreter of It’s over they will be transferred in a horse-drawn carriage to the San Fernando cemetery, just as she wished. Her mortal remains will be paraded through the most flamenco neighborhood with the most tradition in the Seville capital, Triana, the same one that she carried in her heart.

in the burning chapel Toni Moreno He has conveyed his condolences to the artist’s son, Alejandroand also his sister, Isabel, who are attending with great integrity to the media and to all the people who come. Toñi, at the gates of the town hall, spoke of the farewell that María will have this Friday with the horse-drawn carriage through Triana and the countrymen around her honoring her figure.

“He asked for the farewell to be very flamenco. I told Isabel [hermana de María] that the farewell will be very similar to that of Camarón”, he assured in a live connection with the Sonsoles Ónega program. Songs and applause were also heard this Thursday in honor of the deceased artist.

Alejandro himself has intervened in a brief connection with the same program and has thus summarized the funeral that the figure of his mother will have: “It is a bit bizarre, but she deserves it. You have to toast, put on María’s records and toast” .

The great artist was diagnosed in 2013 with breast cancer, in 2016 she overcame it and later suffered another throat cancer. A couple of years ago, she also overcame a problem with her digestive system that put her in a deep coma for two months. This health problem nearly cost her her life and reduced her mobility. However, what finally ended her was the lung cancer that she suffered from her, although she never made this terrible disease public.

The singer’s personal life was marked by the death of her daughter Rocío when she was only 17 years old and also by the mistreatment of Pepe Sanchothe father of his son Alejandro. Her overwhelming personality of him, his suffering, his spirit of improvement, his joy and her unmistakable claw were reflected in each of the songs she sang and made unique.