He raps, recites El Chojin, watches TikTok, takes selfies and loves indie cinema. Queen Letizia is passionate about the arts. The concorte occupies the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair. An extensive report on the wife of Philip VI written by journalists Paloma Simon y Monica Parga, who build a portrait marked by their passion for culture in all its aspects, especially books and cinema. His unconditional support for the Atlántida Film Fest in Palma or the more recent Tudela Festival is well known. “The most affectionate, warm, fast, playful and funny Letizia, who laughs at herself like all intelligent people, emerges when she feels relaxed and confident.“, slide Luis Alegredirector of the Tudela First Opera.

The queen moves “like a fish in water” and Alegre reveals that they have a friend in common, Penelope Cruz. “She seemed very majestic to me, restless, friendly, charming and vital. She transmitted a special energy,” says the director of the film event, recalling that they met in 1999 when she was a reporter. “His thing is not cinephilia, it’s addiction.” Likes Scorsese o Coppola, Woody Allen, Michael Haneke. He usually goes to the movies every weekend. On Fridays, sometimes alone. And always to theaters in the original version. “She is a cinephile with knowledge, concern and desire to discover,” she says for the aforementioned magazine. Jaume Ripoll, co-founder of Filmin.

They also gloss this portrait Luis García Montero, Bad Gyal, Elvira Lindo, Luz Sánchez-Mellado, María Hervás e Ida Vitale. The Queen has surrounded herself with actors, filmmakers and writers with whom she shares her passion for the arts. Just as she publishes Vanity Fair, a traditionally left-wing, republican and very combative union “that openly confesses to being Letizist.” We saw it in the 80s and 90s with the juancarlismo of many who did not align themselves with the monarchy. His passion for culture “it comes from the factory”, says the writer and journalist Elvira Lindo. “He believes in what he does. If he supports these issues it is because he believes he should; if he did not feel that way, it would not be done (…). He understands, and it is not common, that a country is better known through their culture, and the story is applied,” he concludes.

“It’s Mother Duck and the others, the ducklings,” says a person who has attended some of their events. He is aware of the digital trends of young people, platforms and social networks, which he follows anonymously. Also TikTok, according to the publication. Letizia is a fan of Bad Gyalwith whom he coincided on the 142nd anniversary of The vanguard. “It was a pleasure to meet her. We talked about music and fashion and the difference between the new generations and the older ones in terms of tastes and appreciation of art. I found her very intelligent, friendly and elegant,” the singer tells Vanity. “He is very familiar and joking. He talks to you as if he were your colleague,” recalls an image student from an Asturian vocational training center.