Antonio Tejado’s other betrayal of María del Monte: tips to the press for 5,000 euros

While Maria del Monte denies real millionaires for sitting on the small screen to tell his story, his nephew Antonio Tejado He already betrayed the singer for several thousand euros before allegedly participating in the robbery of her house last August.

In 2011, when the artist’s relationship with Immaculate Casal was not yet public, Antonio Tejado contacted the press to leak where his aunt was with the journalist, as revealed by a famous paparazzi this Friday in Research team.

Despite bragging about his good relationship with María del Monte, Antonio Tejado had around 5,000 euros enough to betray his aunt. “On some occasions he has sold us information about his aunt. The first photographs in which María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal appeared, which were taken in El Rocío, The amount that was given to Antonio Tejado was around five thousand euros“revealed the paparazzi.

Antonio Tejado was imprisoned on February 12 for allegedly participating in the robbery of the home of his aunt, María del Monte. The stay of the singer’s nephew in prison will be extended after the judge’s refusal to grant him provisional detention pending trial. Meanwhile, the nephew of Maria del Monte He continues to defend his innocence.