The Royal Family increases its budget by 3%

The Royal Household, in its transparency policy, has published the 2023 salaries of the Royal Family, to which a 3% increase has been applied, as a result of the increase established in Law 31/2022, of December 23, on the General State Budget for 2023, for personnel serving in the public sector. That said, the family has received 541,211 euros distributed as follows.

Don Felipe has received 270,609; Doña Letizia 148,826; and Doña Sofía, 121,776as reported by the House on Thursday, July 11. At the moment, the Princess of Asturias has not been allocated any funds within the House’s budget.

Despite the fact that the Government froze for the third consecutive year the allocation of the General State Budget allocated to Zarzuela, in 2023 salaries experienced an increase of 2.5% as a result of the salary increase planned therein for personnel serving the public sector, as explained in its report by the Intervention of the Royal Household.

The Zarzuela newspaper publishes the auditor’s report, which includes the control actions during the year related to the execution and liquidation of the budgetary allocation of the Royal Household. “For the support of his Family and Household (Art. 65 of the Constitution)”, they have received 8,431,150 euros. “This amount has not meant any variation with respect to the two previous years”, as mentioned in the report. The report states that, due to the “increase in expenses in protocol activities derived from the greater push of the agenda of Their Majesties, especially the international agenda and travel”, this figure increased by 579,000 euros.

In personal

The other personnel expenses item includes 4,204,250 euros, which corresponds to remuneration for senior management staff. This item has also increased by 2.5% compared to the provisions as of December 31, 2022.

In the section on senior officials’ remuneration in 2023 we see the salary of the head of the House, the outgoing Jaime Alfonsín, whose fees are 157,646 euros. Alfonsín retired last January after almost 30 years of service. Camilo Villarino took over. The salary of the former secretary of the Queen, Juan Manuel Zuleta, also appears, who received 119,077 euros. Among the changes that have taken place in Zarzuela, is the replacement of Zuleta by María Dolores Ocaña, now head of the secretariat of Doña Letizia.