why he didn’t renew it, the option of directing and future projects

When Mediaset cancelled Save meNetflix hired that same team and several of its collaborators to record a docuseries in Miami and Mexico. It was a canned product, but for a while there was speculation about the possibility of broadcasting it live, as they now do on TEN with As if we were.

“At that time, when they were leaving a live program, we came to the conclusion with the new Manufacturers that The most fun thing was giving them that window to look for new opportunities.“, explains Álvaro Díaz, head of non-fiction content at Netflix, referring to the plot of that docureality in which the collaborators traveled to the other side of the puddle to find a new life in television. “Then they have returned to live broadcasting [en Youtube y TEN]”But we never close ourselves off to any window,” he tells us during an interview about one of the platform’s new entertainment projects, LaLiga: beyond the goal, its first sports docuseries.

That Every man for himself It only had two seasons (one split into two parts) and Netflix did not renew it.It’s not that we didn’t renew it, it’s that what we wanted to tell was a very specific thing.“We are exploring new opportunities with them, but that is already there. Could we have taken it to another country? Extended the story a little?” asks Díaz. “It was another gift to the fans and, honestly, we are very satisfied with the result. Very happy.”he clarifies.

Over time, the team Save me has ended up making a new live programme, this time for TEN and Youtube, although there were also talks with Netflix to continue exploring new avenues and alliances. “We talked about various projects, but our commitment to live broadcasts has to be very justified and because we believe it is the best way,” says Díaz. “And at that moment we believed that the best one was the one we made”.