“If Gaby were a posh Spanish girl, would I have treated her the same?”

In the midst of the legal process for the paternity of Gabriela Guillen’s son, Bertin Osborne He has already received a summons from the court to undergo DNA testing, specifically during the week of July 15-22. According to Beatriz Cortázar, the magistrate in Seville who is handling the case has offered the singer several dates to choose from, all of them falling within the dates indicated. However, it is possible that we will not see the singer entering the Toxicological Institute of Seville. The reason? “The test will not be carried out, it will not be presented”he pointed Pilar Vidal. In this situation, Carmen Lomana She has mercilessly attacked Fabiola Martínez’s ex, stating that if Gaby were from another social class, Bertín would not have treated her like that.

Bertin, we all know that he is from an upper-class family. Why doesn’t he do these things with women of his social class?“, the socialite sentenced this Thursday in Public mirror.

To the astonishment of the collaborators at Lomana’s controversial statements, Guillermo Capdevila’s widow did not stop there and continued to attack the presenter.If Bertín had gotten his girlfriend pregnant, the typical posh girl from Seville or Jerez, would he have treated her like that? Gaby is a girl who is not Spanish, she is an immigrant and is in a position of inferiority in many things.“, Lomana said.

Following Carmen Lomana’s barbs towards Bertín Osborne, Susanna Griso has asked the collaborator if she sees some classism in this ‘relationship’. Thus, Lomana has sentenced: “To a certain extent, I don’t know if he did it consciously. But I insist, wouldn’t he have treated a woman of his class like that?“.