The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has issued a statement in which it proposes to the clubs to suspend group training and replace them with individual plans and recommends that soccer players “scrupulously follow health and government guidelines” in relation to the coronavirus epidemic.

The RFEF sent this Friday a circular to all the clubs and estates in which it remembers that it has agreed to suspend for an initial period of two weeks all matches in official state-level competitions and has recommended the same type of measure for all official regional-level competitions.

“From the RFEF we understand that, at this time, the priority is the protection of soccer players, coaches, referees and all club and federation personnel who are involved in competitions -the Circular points out- and for this reason, we strongly recommend that all clubs also suspend all collective training for all their teams as long as there are no official competitions. “

The Federation asks the clubs to “In a complementary way, follow all the indications that are being given by the respective health authorities, especially the actions of isolation and stay in the respective homes with minimal mobility.”

“We understand that collective training does not proceed and we advise each club to develop an individualized training plan for its players, “concludes the Circular.