the reason for their possible reunion

Iñaki Urdangarin He is still far from the Royal Family after signing his divorce with the Infanta Cristina last December. However, he could reunite with the middle daughter of the King Emeritus for a compelling reason: their son in common, Pablo. Being the only one of the brothers who has focused his career in Spain, the young man continues to make giant strides in his sporting career. What’s more, his professional appointments are always a reason for reunions between the Royal family. After having seen his grandfather in the stands, we could get to see his parents after his latest achievement in handball.

Increasingly focused on his career as an elite athlete, Pablo is about to fulfill a dream: to participate in the Spanish Handball Team. “Pablete is already ready, he has become like a rocket, very strong, muscular and with a lot of power. He is one step away from achieving it”have pointed out from the top of the Federation. And after his performance in the European World Cup, where he was awarded as MVP of the competition, he has shown that he is prepared: “He has been the best of all the countries and that has made us all pay attention to him”have added.

The truth is that all of Pablo’s achievements are due solely to his continuous effort: “If we had wanted to give him privileges, he would have been in the national team for a long time and that has not been the case, the poor guy has had to earn it and work harder than others, even”they stressed. Following in the footsteps that his father once marked, it seems that the apprentice has surpassed his mentor: “My son Pablo has, for his age, more talent than I had when I played,” Iñaki has confessed.

Who knows, perhaps we will soon see Infanta Cristina and Iñaki together to support their son in this sweet moment of his sporting career. Of course, the former Duke of Palma could also go to his son’s appointments in the company of his former work colleague, Ainhoa ​​Armentia, and now his current girlfriend, whom Pablo already knows. In fact, he was the first of his four children to meet the Basque. Precisely, they met when Ainhoa ​​appeared with Iñaki at one of his matches and, after the surprise, they were introduced at the end of the competition.