the audios to their children

The Calvary of Fayna Bethencourt It’s over. The arrest of Carlos ‘El Yoyas’ in l’Anoia (Barcelona) after remaining for 19 months in an unknown location and after being sentenced to five and a half years in prison, has made Fayna breathe easy. With the former Big Brother contestant behind bars, his girlfriend for more than 16 years has sat down in From Friday to be honest about the terrible episode she experienced as a victim of gender violence.

However, during her visit to the Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona programme, the former contestant on the Telecinco format, has stated that she is not ‘all in her favour’ and fears that another person may be the victim of ‘El Yoyas’ attacks: “There are those who continue to give him a voice. “To reintegrate someone, that person has to recognize that he has done something wrong. He is going to die killing”.

Her love story with the detainee was followed by more than 7.7 million viewers. During the beginnings of their relationship in the house in Guadalix, he already showed a predilection and tendency towards verbal and physical aggression that he eventually ended up exercising on her. Mother of two children, the fruit of her relationship with her aggressor, Fayna This Friday, she gave voice to the ordeal that they (her children) have also suffered with degrading audio recordings by Navarro.

Trembling, Bethencourth played the audios of ‘El Yoyas’ live: “If I have grabbed your daughter by the neck, it is because the disgusting thing has deserved it… and I have barely grabbed her! She is as bad as you, and a liar, and you are of a bad kind!“Navarro was heard saying in a message to his mother-in-law in which he admitted to assaulting his daughter.

The format for which Terelu Campos collaborates was witness to the mistreatment that ‘El Yoyas’ also exercised on his children: “You better not see that fat guy. I’m serious. I don’t want to see your mother either. I don’t want to see the fucking face of that disgusting mother of yours. I’ll beat the fuck out of that fat biker guy (referring to Fayna’s new boyfriend). I’ll kill him with my bare hands. Doesn’t your mother know me? Hasn’t your mother seen me take the stick out for a walk or what?

Fayna thus laid out the terrible episodes of which she has been a victim: “It must be made clear because it is not his word against mine, the law has condemned him and it is not gratuitous, a lot of evidence has been necessary. So anything he can say to attack me is a lie, any accusation he makes is a lie. Fayna does not say it, the law says it.”

Still, the former contestant admits to having been “a very lucky person” to be “alive, breathing and talking”. For this reason, she is clear about her desire to dedicate herself to acting in order to fight against gender violence and prevent her ordeal from being repeated by other women: “The fact that my case has been resolved makes me even more aware that hers has not been resolved. It cannot be that there are convicted people who are free. Let me gather a little strength and I will do everything legally possible to change that.”has sentenced.