The Socialité presenter shows off her hot body in a bikini at 39 years old

Smiling and relaxed. She poses like this Maria Verdoy, on the beaches of the Catalan coast, taking advantage of the good weather of the weekend. It is clear that the presenter of Socialité is having a very sweet moment in her career, in addition to being radiant. At least, that is how she looks in the latest carousel of photographs that she has published on her Instagram.

The presenter, who has become one of the most recognisable faces of Telecinco, has celebrated Spain’s passage to the quarter-finals of the European Championship on the crystal-clear beaches of the Costa Brava: “It’s summer and the sun is shining, it’s the Catalan coast (and Spain is through to the quarter-finals),” she posted alongside a carousel of snapshots, where she shared with her followers her absolute fascination with the enchanting place.

Among trees and branches, Verdoy walked in awe in front of a beach ‘hidden’ among rocks. In the images we could not ignore the journalist’s great body at 39 years old.

Maria Verdoy on the Catalan coast

Wearing a two-tone bikini, the Telecinco presenter escapes from the capital whenever her schedule allows to take a break from her professional projects. The truth is that since her beginnings on the television grid, we have not lost track of Verdoy. The journalist made her debut on Telecinco with Cazamariposas, the extinct Divinity program where she worked as a reporter for six years.

Later, she made the leap as a presenter with Redesign mea fashion program that aired on Cuatro, and from there it went to Live life, It’s already noon y Fiesta. On January 6th, it premiered on Socialité, taking over from Maria Patino y Nuria Marin following the breaking of ties between Mediaset and La Fábrica de la Tele.

Maria Verdoy, presenter of Socialite