The Prosecutor's Office, through the magistrate Arcadio Díaz Tejera, requests a sentence of 21 and a half years in prison and a fine of 105 million euros for the president of the Las Palmas Sports Union, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, whom he accuses of having defrauded 36.66 million euros to the Treasury and Social Security through the surveillance company Seguridad Integral Canaria between 2012 and 2017, according to the EFE agency.

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The public prosecution asks, in turn, 14 years in prison and 79.32 million for Héctor de Armas, the person who replaced Ramírez as sole administrator of Integral Security in 2011, in a movement that the Public Prosecutor considers a simulation, because, from his point of view, the former “continued to make all the decisions” as the owner of 91% of the entity.

The movements suggest that the defendants They avoided payments to the Treasury and Social Security, multiplying their benefits in a systematic way, for which Ramírez is charged with five crimes against the Public Treasury and three against Social Security, while De Armas is accused of three crimes against the Public Treasury and two against Social Security.

On the other hand, It also examines the operations to reduce the wage bill from 2011, with which they were awarded several public tenders, with costs lower than the competition “camouflaging” the extra hours of the security guards for allowances so as not to withhold amounts from their employees in the face of personal income tax, saving contributions for those payments to Social Security. In this way, the letter mentioned by EFE adds, Ramírez eluded the payment of 6.60 million euros to the Treasury and another 11.45 million to Social Security.

The rest of the amounts allegedly defrauded by both processed to the public coffers come from the company agreements that SIC applied to its workforce after “declining” from the national agreement of the sector. This last magistrate who has had this case, through which a dozen judges have passed since its opening, has already ordered the opening of oral proceedings against the two accused.