The Serie The promisewhich broadcasts daily Spanish Television since the 12th of this month of January, it is having a good audience success. For many viewers, it’s like a version of the British Downton Abbey in which there are also aristocrats and service, love, revenge, suspicions and a formidable setting. And it is that the place chosen by the Spanish series is the El Rincon Palacein Aldea del Fresno, near Madrid, which was owned by the deceased Carlos Falco, whose five children. However, its current owners are Manoloeldest son of the Marquis of Griñón, and his sister Tamarawho bought the rest of the brothers (Xandra, Duarte and Aldara) their respective shares.

As we anticipated in scoop last January 7, The Marquise de Griñón and her fiancé Íñigo Onieva think of El Rincón as the ideal place for their wedding in the coming months, a marriage project that they have resumed after their reconciliation. Until that time arrives, El Rincón is a profitable business, which is giving good benefits to Tamara and her older brother.

filming of The promise It occupies two huge 3,000-square-meter sets, located next to the palace, where the interior scenes take place, while the imposing façade of this 19th-century fortress appears in many of the scenes. The episodes are broadcast daily on TVE after dinner and there is no date for the end of this season which, given its success, could have a continuation.

If renting a large house as the setting for an advertisement costs around 5,000 euros per day, occupying the surroundings of El Rincón and deploying a whole team in its surroundings means tens of thousands of euros per month: Tamara and Manolo Falcó earn a month for the filming of The promise no less than 30,000 euros per month, according to reliable sources.

Apart from hosting scenes from Tamara’s docuseries for Netflix, El Rincón has also been the setting for other famous series, such as Red Eagle and movies as well known as the national shotgunby Louis G. Berlanga, rowing to the windby Gonzalo Suárez, with Hugh Grant as the protagonist, or more recently by As long as the war lastsby Alejandro Amenábar.

Tamara Falcó has been lucky with this legacy from her father, perhaps the idyllic setting for her wedding or also the future restaurant that she wants to start with her future husband. And she meanwhile she is a colossal earner, the best dowry her father would have given her.