La Ponferradina, revelation or cover team? “The Ponferradina is no longer a revelation. He has been doing things very well for many seasons in this one, they have taken another step in the conception of the squad. They have many more resources than in other seasons and that is why they occupy the second position and with a spectacular start. It is a very practical team that has very clear ideas. And then they take very good advantage of any opponent's mistake to kill you and win any game. They have a great team. “

How is Luis Muñoz? “We will see. Everything is going well. Tomorrow's session remains and the intention of both Luis and the medical services and coaching staff is that he can be there. And we believe that it will be able to be “.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

The challenge of winning for the first time away from home. “We have that incentive to win three points and Sunday's game because we will meet a rival who in recent seasons has been a very strong team that has left few points. It will be a very demanding game with many duels and a lot of intensity and we will have to stay focused and don't make any kind of mistake. “

How about playing at four in the afternoon? · “It is irrelevant. We have to adapt to anything, to hours of two in the afternoon, four, nine at night, to cycles of seven. Eight or nine days, play from Friday to Monday … There They have to adapt to any situation and this is not going to be an excuse for the games. It is clear that four in the afternoon is not the best time for a football game, but it is the same time for both teams. “

Is it a bad time to play two games in a row away from home? “Away from home we have also played very good games except for the first 30 minutes where Ibiza beat us and we were overwhelmed. In the rest of the away games we have been very good. The team must achieve consistency both at home and away. It's what we want to do and be as a team. “

Ponferradina Shield / Flag

What is Ponferradina waiting for? “It is difficult to surprise anyone in terms of proposal or style because all of them are well studied. All teams have alternatives and modifications in the system, to change structure, add people of different profiles. Ponferradina is a very recognizable, reliable, solid and intense team and a decisive player in the category, Yuri who with 39 goals continues to score many goals every season. They are a patient team, they know how to wait for their moment and take advantage of any opponent's mistakes and take advantage of set pieces. Last year he scored a lot of goals in situations of closed centers and with extensions at the near post. It is a team that has very clear ideas and is very practical. Take advantage of any opponent's mistake to get points. “

Dani Martin. How have you seen him after more than a year without playing? “The first thing I want to make clear is that there is no debate in any position. And much less in the goal. We try to make the decisions that we see fit to help the team win as many games as possible. From there we make decisions in function of the performances. I have seen him normal. I have not noticed anything different with respect to a previous week in any of the players “.

Hicham. “He continues to make progress in his recovery and taking steps forward. He really wants to be with the team and what we ask of him is peace of mind. What he has to do is accumulate work and quality sessions so that, the day he has to play, be better prepared and give us performance. He knows that what we ask of the wingers is very demanding and he must be in his best physical condition to help the team. “

Roberto and Antoñín. “Sure they could play together. It is an option that we have and that we value. They have been good and have done a good week of work. The team trains very well with a lot of intensity with an incredible level of commitment and effort and the people who are not playing are pushing the people who are playing and to turn their situation around. “

Praise to Malaga. “I am on the margins of everything that is commented and said outside. If this is the case and there are good words to the team, it is because they are doing well. Generating illusion in the environment is always important. We must keep our feet on the ground, be aware of everything that surrounds us and focus on work, which will determine where we are going to be the season. That a compliment does not make us wrong and a criticism could not be worse. We must be stable and be a balanced team. “