The police investigation benefits Daniel Sancho: “The agents recognize that there was a previous fight”

News about Daniel Sancho waiting for the magistrate to receive the police investigation report from the Thai Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor’s spokesman, Naron Srirasanhas given new information related to the 29-year-old chef, who confessed to having murdered and dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta last August 2.

In an interview with Ana Rosa Quintana’s afternoon program, the prosecutor’s spokesperson recalled that “there is an accusation of premeditated murder because there is preparation. A team is purchased to commit a crime, it is planned.” For this alleged crime, Rodolfo Sancho’s son could face the death penalty, as established by Thai law. “There is also the crime of hiding and transferring a corpse,” the spokesperson explained this Friday.

Regarding whether the sentence of Silvia Bronchalo’s son could be reduced if the maximum sentence was applied, he added: “If the accused confesses [durante el juicio], the court will consider whether you did it out of remorse or whether you provided useful information. “If there is benefit, the court will reduce the sentence.”

The previous peel

On the other hand, there is another condition by which Sancho Gracia’s grandson could see his sentence reduced. It has to do with the police investigation: “The agents recognize that there was a previous fight,” Manu Marlasca said. This could “rule out the aggravating circumstance of treachery” and, therefore, reduce the sentence “by quite a few degrees” or “free him from the death penalty.”

It must be remembered that Daniel himself spoke of this fight in the reconstruction of the crime before the police: “He told me that he wanted sex and I answered that I didn’t want to do it anymore. He answered that I was his. Then, I got up “I took a step back and punched him.” It all happened in the hotel room on the island of Koh Phangan where the crime occurred.

“He started yelling at me and I started raising my voice, so I got up, he took a few steps back and boom [haciendo el gesto de un puñetazo]. And he fell to the floor,” Daniel added. “I grabbed his head with both hands and threw him against the wall. He hit himself and in a few minutes a lot of blood started coming out. “The whole floor was full of blood.”

The possible extradition

Naron Srirasan, the Thai spokesman, has also spoken of his possible extradition. According to him, it would be “at the discretion of Spain to request it or not.” However, he clarified: “Extradition can be complicated because the evidence and witnesses are in Thailand and it happened in Thailand. Furthermore, the victim was not Spanish.”

This Thursday, Daniel left Koh Samui prison for the first time to appear before the judge. For the sixth time, his provisional detention regime was extended. The trial date will be set by the magistrate once the Prosecutor’s Office delivers the police report.