Neither Lequio nor Carolina Monje will sponsor Ana Obregón’s daughter at her baptism

Ana Obregon He told us shortly after his daughter was born that Lechia He was delighted to have been a grandfather: “Of course he will meet his granddaughter!” he proclaimed to the four winds. He also articulated a kind of public outreach with Carolina Monjethe one who was his son’s girlfriend Aless, leaking a message that implied a good relationship that in reality does not exist. But at this point, neither the Italian nor Carolina, who is getting married this weekend, have had the slightest approach to the presenter or her baby.

Alessandro and Carolina were the only two people who shared hospitals and many hard moments with the actress when her son was battling cancer. Neither Aless’s father nor his former girlfriend have ever corroborated that, as Obregón maintains, Aless asked him to be a father after he died, and that in the case of Alfonso XIII’s great-grandson, it was the presenter herself who summoned him as a witness to the alleged petition that resulted in the birth by surrogacy of Ana Sandra Lequiothree years after Aless died.

“Mom, dad, if something happens to me, remember the sample I left in the laboratory in New York. I want to have children, even if I’m gone. It’s my wish. Promise me you’re going to do it, please.” These are the words attributed to Aless, which, according to Obregón in his book, were spoken by his son in the presence of the Italian count, who has never confirmed this story.

Now that the baby’s baptism is approaching, attention is once again directed to the father of the missing entrepreneur and also to his last girlfriend. The first has not even met the baby. The second is getting married this Saturday, October 7, with Alex Loperathe man with whom he has started a new life after the hardest episode of his life.

The protagonist of Ana and the 7 She resorted to a surrogate in Miami, where surrogacy is legal, to bring into the world the little girl who has given her back the will to live. According to her, she was conceived with the semen of her deceased son. The girl turns seven months old on the 20th and, on Christmas, she will be baptized. As baptismal godparents she will have Justinthe best friend of the missing Aless who will come to Spain from the United States, and Celia Vega-Penichet, Aless’s maternal cousin who was like a sister to her. Celia, daughter of Celia García Obregón, will take care of little Anita when her mother-grandmother is no longer in this world. Anita (the big one, not the little one) has already assured that this matter is reflected in her will.