Mari Ángeles Grajal, “cornered” after another big “lie”: “Jaime Ostos is still legally alive”

The war between Mari Ángeles Grajal (69) and the children of Jaime Ostos It has been evident in recent months as a result of the problems that arose with the inheritance of the bullfighter, who died on January 8, 2022 due to a heart attack during a family vacation in Bogotá. This war over the bullfighter’s inheritance uncovered a lie that Grajal had maintained for the last eight years: She never married Jaime Ostos in the church.

The person in charge of bringing it to light was himself. Jaime Ostos Jr.the bullfighter’s first-born and Jacabo’s older brother, who claimed to have found no ecclesiastical records of an alleged marriage that his father and stepmother announced in 2015.

The thread gets tangled again with the new information advanced by Pilar Vidal this Friday: “Jaime Ostos is still legally alive and Mari Ángeles Grajal is not his life.” The journalist has assured that the death of the bullfighter, who lost his life at the age of 90, “is not certified.”

Vidal has gone further, because the wedding between the missing bullfighter and the doctor continues to have a tail end: “They didn’t get married, Mari Ángeles lied to us. The other day she denied the religious wedding to Paloma García-Pelayo because we had requested all of them the dioceses that gave us that document”. So, Vidal said on the Sonsoles Ónega program, “she already felt cornered and had no choice but to admit that she wasn’t. But now she will have to recognize that neither is legal, through civil means.” And he has stated: “It’s super fun, because there can be two widows.”

As it is, the wedding that is now also called into question is that of 1987. In March of that year, a well-known magazine published photos of the supposed civil wedding between the two. However, this link would not have been carried out legally either, according to the information provided by Pilar Vidal.

Mari Ángeles Grajal vs her husband’s older children

Jaime Ostos died in January of last year, but his inheritance remains undistributed and his children Jaime y Gabrielafruit of his marriage with Consuelo Alcalay Giselaof an extramarital relationship with Aurora Diaz, they accuse his ‘widow’ of having kept everything. “Harpy” was the term that Jaime Ostos Jr. used to define her.

The war broke out following the sale of the house in Villaviciosa de Odón, first reported by Informalia, where Jaime Ostos and Mari Ángeles Grajal lived in recent years, a transaction for which the doctor has pocketed 650,000 euros . The right-hander’s eldest children claim the legitimate share, but Jacobo, his son with Grajal, has made it clear: “The house is in my mother’s name and has been since minute one. Whatever I earn belongs only to her.” And he added: “When there is an inheritance everyone wants to get it, but here they have nothing to do.”

Meanwhile, the widow or not widow of Jaime Ostos has a great time with the businessman Jose Gandia, who was a friend of Jaime Ostos himself. The two were seen as accomplices at the last April Fair in Seville. Last Friday the doctor and her special friend went to La Maestranza to enjoy the Morante de la Puebla bullfight. A plan that they repeated on Sunday, attending El Juli’s farewell to the bullrings in the Andalusian city.