The Piqué doctrine, the one that questions the arbitrations of Madrid, especially the decisions of the VAR, and that was announced on Friday on the Sánchez Pizjuán pitch (“seeing how these two days have gone, it will be very difficult to win this League” ), was filled with followers after the events of the Reale Arena. The covers of the Barcelona press, which went viral as early as Sunday night, followed suit for the central defender. “Made in Madrid”, titled the first page of Mundo Deportivo. “Leaders of the VAR”, Sport had on his cap playing with the controversial change in the first position of the classification. In one of his highlights, he described what happened, directly, as “a scandal”. More soberly, the Catalan general press also entered into arbitration suspicions. La Vanguardia spoke of a victory “riddled with suspicions” and El Periódico was surprised by what many in Barcelona: that none of the plays was reviewed by the Catalan Estrada Fernández after Thursday, in Valdebebas, Sánchez Martínez did go to review the video to check if Maxi Gómez interfered with Varane's clearance and Rodrigo's goal was annulled.

The passengers of Piqué's boat went deeper into the matter and recalled how in the Spanish Super Cup, Messi had a goal annulled against Atlético de Madrid for helping with his hand in a move similar to that of Benzema. The curious thing is that in the two games, Barça-Atlético and Real Sociedad-Real Madrid, the VAR referee was the same: Martínez Munuera. One of the arguments that reinforce the followers of the conspiracy theory.

The Piqué doctrine was joined by figures from the institutional environment of Barça who, logically, do not officially belong to the club today. Víctor Font, leader of the platform Sí al Futur, pre-candidate for the presidency and, at this moment, the most solid alternative to Josep Maria Bartomeu waiting for names such as Joan Laporta or Jordi Roche to appear on the scene, joined the disagreement with the arbitrations since LaLiga was restarted from a current of Barcelona. “Vergonya!” (“Shame!” Font was not the only one of the names related to Barça's electoral future to voice his complaints. Toni Freixa, a former Barça spokesman and candidate in the 2015 elections, was even tougher: “They have converted the VAR in an element to legalize the trap. “Finally, Jordi Farré, another of the most residual pre-candidates for the elections to 2021 (his challenge is to get the signatures) also pronounced himself:” What a scandal in the League! ” get electoral revenue from everything, also from the Piqué doctrine.

Officially, Barça, which has always been in favor of the introduction of technology, has not spoken on an institutional level. Yes Setién did: “Everyone has seen what happened. VAR is a tool that can make us better. But we must use it. It is understandable that we think why some actions are reviewed and others are not. And one can think it's not being used well. “

Not all, however, accept the Piqué doctrine. Critics consider that it is a way to cover the football shortcomings of a team that is made in May that was not able to make a difference in Seville. While Piqué and his followers will look closely at the VAR, Setién's team will also be thoroughly judged.

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