The phenomenal Duplantis stays a sigh from his third world record in a few days



The Swedish athlete fails in Livin in his attempt to raise the world record of pole vault to 6.19 meters

World Athletics Indoor Tour - Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais

Duplantis, in action, in Livin.

Armand Duplantis had us badly used. Two world records of pole vault in one week (6.17 and 6.18), also obtained with absolute solvency, presage a third party, this Wednesday in Livin. It did not happen, and the reality of the intrinsic difficulty of the records was imposed on the ease with which “Mondo” had broken the previous two.

The record seemed, however, within the reach of the young Swedish prodigy. Duplantis saved the first, and quite easily, 5.70; the 5.80; 5.90 and, asmbrense, 6.07. Shocking But he was resisted 6.19. The second attempt, although insufficient, was the best. He gave the impression of facing the list with an improper respect of who in a few days had easily saved the previous record heights.

Maybe I was tired of so much tute and so many emotions. Perhaps, suddenly, he became aware of the enormity of the record. After all, it is a 20-year-old boy who has given up the world. That is not easy to assimilate without some kind of loss. But it is clear that the Swede is not going to stop here. Its margin of progress seems enormous. Still jump once again in this season “indoor”, in Clermont-Ferrand, the birthplace of Renaud Lavillenie, the former record holder.

Duplantis tried the record and, in the opposite hall of the installation, the American Sandi morris He did the same, in the same test, to the search, with 5.03, to match the world primate on indoor court, in the hands of his compatriot Jennifer Suhr.

The Spanish representation had everything. Orlando Ortega was third (7.56) in about 60 meters hurdles won by the French Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (7.47). In the 1500s, Jess Gmez, with a personal mark of 3: 36.68, bows to the world record holder, the etope Samuel Tefera (3: 35.54). Fourth was Ignacio Fontes (3: 38.41). And tenth, Sal Ordez (3: 41.22). In the triple jump, Pablo Torrijos stayed at 16.80.

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