LIVE | Liga BBVA: Barcelona – Rayo Vallecano (6-1) – 3/7/15 –

Finaaaaaaaaaal at the Camp Nou!

Barcelona abuses Rayo and endorses six goals, with three from Messi, two from Suarez and one from Piqué. Those of Luis Enrique, leaders of the League. Read the chronicle of the meeting here.

(min. 90) The ball loose in the area was used by Suarez to haggle Cristian and mark the second in his account.


(min. 89) Yellow to Adriano for making a foul to Bueno from behind.

(min. 87) Suáreeeeeeeeeez! The Uruguayan was left alone again, and his pass to Messi, who was alone, was not entirely good.

(min. 85) Jémez introduced the last change a few minutes ago. Baptistao left and Manucho entered.

(min. 81) Bueno cheated Bravo and scored the goal of the Rayista honor through the center of the goal.


(min. 78) PENALTY FOR RAY AND RED FOR ALVES! The side prevented the launch of Bueno, who was totally alone in front of Bravo.

(min. 74) Alves up! The Brazilian side almost marks the morning goal with a right from outside the area.

(min. 72) In Barça there has also been a change. Jordi Alba has left and Adriano has entered.

(min. 70) Two changes in the Lightning. Liça and Jozabed have left for Quini and Aquino.

(min. 67) Rakitic pass to Messi, which ends the play with a completion worthy of the best player in the world. The Argentine let the ball run before Cristian left to score a new hat-trick in the League.


(min. 67) Cristiaaaaaaaaaan! Messi threw the long stick, where the Argentine goalkeeper was precisely placed, who cleared the ball to the side.

(min. 66) Missing in the front of the area for Barcelona. Go Messi …

Messi misses his fourth penalty of the season and the referee gives him the chance to redeem himself. You can read the full news here.

(min. 65) Second change in Barcelona. Iniesta leaves, cheered, and enters Rafinha.

(min. 64) Ball hung to the rayista area, Suarez controlled her from behind and her shot at the half-turn cleared Cristian, and there was Messi to score the meeting room and pleasure in his private account.


(min. 59) The referee admonished Trashorras for protesting the repetition of Messi's penalty kick.

(min. 59) First change in Barcelona. Mascherano leaves and enters Rakitic, who will play as a pure midfielder.

(min. 58) Yellow to Jordi Alba, who will not play against Eibar.

(min. 56) The Argentine tricked Cristian on the second chance and puts the third on the scoreboard. Before, the referee sent to repeat the penalty after Cristian guessed the launch to an Argentine who failed again from eleven meters.


(min. 54) PENALTY IN FAVOR OF BARÇA AND RED FOR TITO! The side grabbed Suarez inside the area and sees his second yellow of the game.

(min. 53) Cristiaaaaaaaaan! Xavi gave it to Iniesta, but the crossed shot of the manchego miraculously cleared the Argentine goalkeeper.

(min. 52) The Lightning tried for a foul launched by Kakuta, who was close to getting into some trouble behind culé.

(min. 51) Piqué's fourth goal throughout the season and improves the best of his goalscorer records as a Barcelona player.

(min. 50) Center from the corner that Jordi Alba finished off with his head. The ball crashed into the stick and the rebound came to Piqué, who only had to push the ball into the net.


(min. 48) Corner for Barça. The center of Suarez from the right wing was cleared by the rayista defense.

(min. 47) Lack of Baptistao on Iniesta, which is setting one of the best games of the season.

The second half begins!

Barcelona beat Rayo 1-0 at half-time thanks to Luis Suarez's goal in minute 5 of the match. Those of Jémez, very daring, and those of Luis Enrique, asleep in the last bars of the game. We haven't seen Messi yet. We'll be right back to comment on the second part!

Rest at the Camp Nou!

(min. 44) Barcelona, ​​with the passing of the minutes, is having less prominence in the offensive part.

(min. 42) Iniesta gamble! The manchego left two rivals and tried to put a pass into the hole for Messi, who did not arrive shortly.

(min. 40) The Lightning now installing in Barca territory. Abdoulaye's center went directly to Bravo's hands. The central tried to force the corner but it did not go well.

(min. 38) Offside Suarez! The Uruguayan stood alone in front of Cristian, but the line judge raised the flag.

(min. 35) Locked the Lightning in his area before the attack of Barcelona, ​​which continues to try the many spaces left by the defense rayista.

(min. 32) Meeeeeeeeeeeessi! Suárez-Messi connection! The Uruguayan, with a subtle touch, lifted the ball to give it to Messi, who, without dropping it, made a hat for Cristian Álvarez, but the ball went off touching the side of the net. Jugón!

(min. 30) Trashorraaaaaaaaaas! The launch of the former player culé was touching the stick.

(min. 29) Yellow card for Mascherano, the second of the match. Eye to Trashorras here …

(min. 28) Clear Cristian! Messi's center to the second post was cleared by the Argentine goal.

(min. 26) First yellow card of the match for Tito, for grabbing Jordi Alba. Eye to the fault …

(min. 24) It is incredible that Barcelona have only scored a goal with the excessive boldness of those of Jémez. Still a world remains for the end of the game.

(min. 21) Another solo arrival of Barça! This time it was Pedro, who couldn't finish the play. Xavi and Iniesta, today, are having a great time with the defense of Jémez.

(min. 19) At the hands of Cristian! There was no danger in the foul launched by Xavi.

(min. 18) Barça side foul due to a lack of Amaya over Iniesta.

(min. 16) Lightning's defense is for study. Those of Jémez play with the very advanced defense and give many options to the creative players, who are almost all, of Barça.

(min. 14) He cleared the culé defense, which almost again sentenced the clash against Pedro through Pedro.

(min. 13) Lateral foul in favor of Lightning. There is no truce in this match! Go Trashorras ..

(min. 12) The second did not come soon! Very advanced the defense of Lightning, which gives many options to midfielders Barca. Finally the center of Alba was cleared by the rayista defense.

(min. 11) PENALTY OF ABDOULAYE IS REQUESTED ON SUÁREZ. The Uruguayan headed Cristian's goal and fell under pressure from the defender from behind. It does not seem to be missing.

(min. 9) What have you done Suarez! The Uruguayan, with 30 meters ahead, was left alone in front of Cristian, but he preferred to haggle and then pass to Pedro, but the lightning behind came to spare the ball.

(min. 8) Kakuta out! The defense culé cleared the ball, which came back to Kakuta, but his attempt to surprise Bravo was in vain.

(min. 7) Corner for the Lightning, which does not give up.

(min. 5) Barça pressed the Rayo throw-in, recovered and Xavi, with a subtle touch, attended Suarez who, with the outside, has been able to score before Cristian left.


(min. 3) Barça, in these three minutes, has failed to give three passes in a row. The Lightning presses the culé ball output a lot.

(min. 1) First arrival of Rayo, who has not thought twice about arriving at the Bravo area. The center of Kakuta was caught by the Chilean without problems.

Starts the match!

We also have the Rayo Vallecano lineup! Paco Jémez will put this eleven in liza: Cristian, Tito, Abdoulaye, Amaya, Insua; Jozabed, Trashorras; Licá, Bueno, Kakuta and Leo Baptistao.

We already have the eleven of Barcelona! Luis Enrique will leave with the following training at Camp Nou: Bravo, Alves, Piqué, Mathieu, Alba; Mascherano, Xavi, Iniesta; Messi, Pedro and Suarez.