LIVE | Liga BBVA: Las Palmas – Atlético de Madrid (0-3) – 01/17/16 –


Atlético de Madrid have won Las Palmas 0-3 with goals from Griezmann (2) and Filipe Luis. With this victory those of Simeone will finish the day as first of the League. Read the match chronicle here.

(min. 89) The Frenchman does not fail and marks another double in just four days. Atlético Judgment …


(min. 85) Last bars of a match where Simeone will leave the goal to zero in the League for the fourth time in a row.

(min. 82) Corner in favor of Atlético de Madrid.

(min. 79) Change in Las Palmas. Tana leaves and Araujo enters.

(min. 76) ¡Carrascooooo! The Belgian was 0-3, but he finished off with the left-handed and with little angle. Still, Javi Varas repelled well.

(min. 73) Missing Thomas, who does not let Viera advance. The lack of the Ghanaian player, who is becoming a good resource for Simeone, is very clever.

(min. 71) Yellow for Giménez, who arrived late at the entrance on Viera.

(min. 69) Less than a minute later came the goal of Atlético, the sentence. Ball that leaves only Griezmann and this one beats Varas with a shot with the outside of his left boot.


(min. 68) Roque Mesaaaaa! Heel of Viera for Castellano, this center so that Willian José attends head for Mesa, whose shot is touching the stick of Oblak. It seemed goal …

(min. 66) Change in Las Palmas. Setién withdraws El-Zhar to enter Wakaso.

(min. 65) Second change in Atlético de Madrid. Augusto leaves and Thomas enters.

(min. 62) First change in Atlético de Madrid. Vietto leaves and enters Carrasco.

(min. 59) Viettooooo! Long ball to the second post where Griezmann heads looking for the Argentine who came from behind, but Aythami was very intelligent covering the space.

(min. 56) He cleared the yellow defense, which remains at the mercy of Simeone's.

(min. 55) Corner for Simeone. Koke goes to the launch …

(min. 53) Javi Varaaaaaaaaaas! Ball that leaves only Griezmann, but was not successful when beating the yellow goalkeeper. The Frenchman had the sentence …

(min. 51) Atlético has started with the same dynamic as in the first half. Las Palmas still nothing at all in this second part.

(min. 49) Viettoooo up! Saul center from the left that the Argentine finishes as he can, although without any precision.

(min. 47) Long pass looking for Vietto, but the yellow defense was attentive to send the leather to corner.



Atlético de Madrid wins Las Palmas 0-1 thanks to the goal of Filipe Luis. Simeone's have been worse than his rival, but Oblak is a life insurance. We return immediately to comment on the second half.

(min. 43) Uuuuuuuuuuy! Long ball for Griezmann, who tries to combine with Vietto, but the leather went a bit long.

(min. 40) Ask Willian José for a supposed push from Godín. Bikandi said nothing because there was nothing.

(min. 38) The rojiblancos have kept their clothes since Filipe's goal and are blatantly scattering in their field.

(min. 35) Very clear foul of Giménez about Willian Jose that Bikani does not indicate as yellow. The yellow striker complained …

(min. 33) Corner taken in favor of Atlético de Madrid. Beware of the Simeone centrals. Go Koke …

(min. 31) Oblaaaaaaaak! New arrival of Las Palmas that ends with a shot by Dani Castellano, but he ran into Slovenian again.

(min. 29) Corner for Las Palmas, which is doing a few minutes quite acceptable.

(min. 27) He is wrong now. See in the center. The canary had several companions within the area, but his pass was defective.

(min. 24) See you up! Las Palmas was very intense in that play, but the shot of the Canary looking for the squad was nothing.

(min. 23) Great pass to the back of Juanfran for Castellano, who fails to give a precise center and ends up clearing the rojiblanca defense.

(min. 20) Atletico, with the goal, has calmed the game and it seems that they play what suits them.

(min. 17) Great action of Simeone, who took advantage of the arrival of the two sides to the yellow area. Atlético already sends …

(min. 15) Juanfran center from the right, nobody arrives and the ball falls to Filipe in the other band, who takes a left-footed shot to the long stick of a Varas who could not do anything.


(min. 12) Castellanoooo! The yellow side did not think about it and finished off from outside the area, but in front was the ubiquitous Oblak.

(min. 11) Tanaaaaaaaa! Scare for Atlético. Las Palmas pressed and almost took advantage with a shot from Tana, which forced Oblak to make the first stop of the game.

(min. 8) The match, controlled so far by Atlético de Madrid. The yellow team now touches the ball although finding spaces is more difficult.

(min. 6) Vietto is almost here! Filtered pass looking for the Argentine, although it was a bit long.

(min. 4) Filipe's long ball looking for Griezmann, but Varas anticipates well and catches the ball.

(min. 2) Intense exit of Atlético de Madrid, which presses the yellow team's ball out.


Once confirmed in Las Palmas !! Setién goes out with everything and will seek victory with: Varas, Castellano, Aythami, David García, Garrido; Roque, Vicente; Viera, Tana, El Zhar and Willian José.

Simeone confirms his lineup !! Atlético de Madrid will jump to the Gran Canaria stadium with: Oblak, Juanfran, Godín, Giménez, Filipe; Gabi, Augusto, Koke, Saúl; Griezmann and Vietto. He travels to the Gran Canaria stadium to live an interesting match of the Liga BBVA between Las Palmas and Atlético de Madrid, belonging to the 20th day of the championship.

Atlético de Madrid seeks to remain at the top of the standings and for this it needs the victory against Las Palmas de Quique Setién, who has already said that they will make things very difficult for Simeone.

You can follow the match live from 18:15 hours.