The talk this April 8 of the World Football Summit wanted to address one of the most important issues for society, gender equality, in two “men's worlds” traditionally like football and banking.

For this, and with Joaquín de Arístegui, General Director of Sports of the CSD, as moderator, Alicia Muñoz Lombardía, Vice Secretary, Santander Board of Directors, and Patricia Rodríguez, Counselor of Granada C.F., gave their opinion on their way to the position of directors where they have arrived and the steps that are being taken so that they are not the only ones.

“There have been advances, but it is also true that the pandemic slows down these advances,” said Alicia Muñoz, explaining that she is in favor of betting on a methodology that is based on a sense of urgency, justifying it with data in favor of diversity, a company culture that promotes equality or ensuring short-term objectives.

Patricia Rodríguez, for her part, wanted to tell her own experience in the world of football with an optimistic vision but also active in continuing the fight. “I have lived a very great evolution and it is the most positive reading. It is true that the pandemic has slowed down evolution, but the change compared to 2014, which is when I started, is very large. At that time, a very recurring comment was “women's football was neither football nor female”. Now it is unthinkable to hear that, most do not think about it and, at least, the few who think about it do not say it. “

Both, and in coincidence with Joaquín de Arístegui, came to the conclusion that “there is an important difference with previous generations and we have to continue working so that it does not stop. This is not a war of women against men, but we must work together in the same direction. You have to represent what is in society ”, as Patricia Rodríguez commented.

In addition, the Minister of Granada wanted to end by proposing that an optimistic message must be created for the new generations: “It is not a world of men that they will not be able to access, the message is that they have to believe in themselves and help them get there.”


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