Time is running out for Daniel Sancho. Last August, Rodolfo Sancho's son was imprisoned in Thailand after confessing to murdering and dismembering the Colombian surgeon. Edwin Arrieta. This Tuesday, December 12, months after the crime, the young chef will return to the courts of Koh Samui.

This Tuesday, Sancho's lawyers will present the evidence for his defense. Therefore, the judge will now be able to establish a final date for the trial of Silvia Bronchalo's son for the murder of Arrieta.

In the last hearing, which took place a little over a week ago, the judge granted a 12-day postponement so that the defense and the Prosecutor's Office could collect all possible evidence and testimony.

It must be remembered that, in a turn of events, Daniel Sancho, who had collaborated with the Thai authorities to date, pleaded not guilty to the crime of premeditated murder of which he is accused. For its part, the Prosecutor's Office maintains that the chef did act with premeditation. An important nuance, which can lead Sancho Gracia's grandson to the death penalty.

Likewise, the lawyer for the surgeon's family stated in an interview in Ok Diary that the evidence shows that Sancho had planned the murder of Edwin Arrieta.

“The evidence, the videos, the images when he bought the knives, the searches at his hotel, the witness to whom he rented the kayak, even that Sancho reported to the police station that Mr. Edwin had gotten lost when he knew perfectly well that he had taken life, are sufficient elements to obtain a conviction,” he stated in the aforementioned newspaper.