The controversy of Angel Christ Jr monopolizes the heat of the spotlight. In recent weeks, Bárbara Rey's son has sat in on the new program Santi Acosta y Beatriz Archidona to charge against the former circus star. In the last installment, Ángel Cristo Jr spoke about the mistreatment that his mother received from his father. And although he does not justify them, he assured that it was difficult to live with Totana. Two days after the harsh statements on the set of Friday!the actress sentenced (according to Aurelio Manzano) that her son has died for her. This Sunday, Sofía Cristo devoted herself to her mother.

“I am with my mother, supporting her in everything, in everything, and taking care of her, which is what she deserves. Imagine how she is now,” said the DJ before the Europa Press microphones. Likewise, Sofía has assured that they have not seen the interviews of Ángel Cristo Jr. “We are not interested, neither of us,” she has stated.

On Friday, in the middle of the program's broadcast, the one who was a contestant on Secret Story He published a snapshot, where he saw how mother and daughter were enjoying a relaxed dinner. Likewise, Sofía accompanied the image with the iconic song by Manuel Carrasco, How nice it is to live.

Far from worrying about what happens on the small screen, the DJ is immersed in her new job: her podcast Addicts and neurotics, where Barbara was the first guest. Similarly, Nagore Robles' ex shared a video training on the street a few days ago, which she accompanied with the following text. “Focus on your work, on following your path without comparing yourself to anyone, working in silence without making noise. They will want to knock you down, they will put obstacles in your way, but you are unstoppable. Nothing and no one has more power than your mind. Strength is question of attitude.”