The new Infanta Cristina, smiling and empowered: turns the page 26 years after her wedding with Iñaki

There is a new Infanta Cristina. The daughter of the emeritus kings, smiling, cheerful and happy, occupies the cover photograph of the magazine Readings. This portrait is precisely published this Wednesday, October 4, the date of the 26th anniversary of her wedding to Iñaki Urdangarin. A marriage that experiences her divorce as an eternal and time-consuming process.

Infanta Cristina offers us a renewed image. “Radiant,” the publication titles. The daughter of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía attended the wedding of the season this past weekend, that of Borja Prado’s son, Javier Prado, with Catalina Vereterra Gastearena. A wedding that took place in Medina-Sidonia, Cádiz, and that brought together great stars from Mediaset, the group chaired by Prado. Among them, Ana Rosa Quintana. The infanta, who coincided at the wedding event with Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, represented the King’s family. The close bond of the emeritus with the former administrator Manuel Prado y Colón de Carvajal, father of Borja Prado and grandfather of his boyfriend, still survives.

In the photographs we see Cristina, wearing a chosen dress with a powerful floral print in turquoise blue on a fuchsia pink background. barbiecorethe color feminist and empowered of the year. A happy and festive look, from the Max Mara brand. Felipe VI’s sister starts this fall with her wedding anniversary. The 26th. The infanta advances in the impasse to leave her broken marriage behind, close the divorce agreement with Iñaki and turn the page. She’s on it. She lives by and for her children. She supports Pablo in all his sporting decisions and is with him in the big moments, now wearing the Fraikin BM Granollers shirt. He also maintains a very good relationship with his girl, Johanna Zott. Same with Miguel, Juan and Irene, who is facing a sabbatical year with plans to volunteer at the Red Cross, as it progresses. Hola.