Bagnaia: “The Ducati assures you of being in the ‘top 10’, but from there to winning there is a big jump”


The Italian rider Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati) defended this Wednesday that racing in MotoGP with the transalpine team “ensures you being among the top ten, but from there to winning there is a big jump”, at the same time that he confessed that “he is not a person easy” and insisted that “no” it is “the replacement of Valentino Rossi”.

“The Ducati ensures you are among the top ten, but from there to winning there is a big jump,” said the Italian rider in statements in a new installment of ‘The DAZN Box’ collected by Europa Press.

Bagnaia is very close, just three points away, from the Spanish Jorge Martín, his closest pursuer, a Pramac rider, one of Ducati’s satellites, forcing the champion to push himself to the limit. “I wanted my falls in Austin and Argentina to help teach me a lesson to learn from bad things,” he said.

“We have improved a lot, and although many times the weekend has not gone the way I wanted, I know that my team listens to me, knows where to go and we are there fighting,” he added about his performance.

The world champion acknowledged that he is immersed in a process of maturity, because he recognizes that he is “not” easy as a person. “I see it with people here and abroad. My first response is usually ‘no’, but then I think about it, try to understand it and listen,” he explained.

Bagnaia confessed that his idol is Valentino Rossi, although he reiterated that “no” he is his “replacement.” “What the best drivers in history have achieved has to be theirs and not others’. They did the same with Márquez, but it is not the same,” he stated.

“It was like university for me, there is a different school in Spain. In the Italian championship everything was a game, and in the Mediterranean championship, I started a different job, with data and I began to realize many things,” concluded the Italian about his learning of Spanish motorcycling.