Soccer is paralyzed for the Real Madrid because of COVID-19 but the work of the new Bernabéu continues. As can be seen in the images above, the activity of the operators and the cranes at different points of the white coliseum is incessant.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

At the moment there is no government imposition that forces the stoppage of all kinds of works. The Royal Decree of the past day 14, by which the state of alarm was declared, did not include construction among the activities (hotels and restaurants, shops, artistic and sports shows, monuments …) that had to stop temporarily. The Royal Decree only refers to public bidding works (not private, as is the case of the Bernabéu) and it does so to indicate that it is up to the contractor to decide whether or not to stop. “The contractor may request the suspension from the moment the factual situation that prevents its provision occurs and until said provision can be resumed,” reads the text.

The works do not stop, although there are political voices that demand it. The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, did it in Twitter: “I ask the Government to suspend the works in Madrid. Works can make up for lost time. We have no time to lose. “The Generalitat de Catalunya issued a law decree last Tuesday that did stop public works (except for strategic ones), but had to qualify it afterwards to adapt to the Royal Government Decree.

A crane, in the old corner of the Bernabéu.

Control of security measures

The only works that may be closed by the Municipal Police will be those that manifestly violate the state of alarm. Since the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda itself is urging construction companies to take extreme security measures in terms of distances between operators and use of masks and gloves. The club has also transmitted it to FCC, the company awarded the works, with the aim of minimizing the possibility of contagion. And he is strictly following the decree: one of the activities that must stop during the state of alarm is museums and that is why the Bernabéu Tour has closed.

Therefore, the works of the stadium, which will last until 2023, they go faster since the Bernabéu does not have to host League and Champions matchesThey will not stop unless the Government creates a new decree or modifies the current one and stops all activities (public and private) in construction.


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