After the storm unleashed by the song of Shakira, the media war between both sides has intensified. After the Colombian launched the song, Gerard Piqué He has already appeared with a Casio and also with a Twingo. Movements that were somewhat predictable and unoriginal. Now the first photo of him with Clara Chia and Instagram.

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The former Barça defender shared it late this Wednesday on social networks. It is a selfie of the two, with which they also deny the rumors of a crisis that have surfaced in recent weeks. In little more than ten hours, the image exceeds 2 and a half million likes.

On Twitter, comments for all tastes. The majority, in favor of the singer from Barranquilla. “Shakira writing another song after seeing the photo with Clara Chía on Piqué’s Instagram”, “Gerard Piqué listened to Shakira in everything. He used a Casio, drove a Twingo and published his lover Clara Chía, the ‘supposed replacement’ ‘And if you want to bring her to come, too’. She just needs to use her brain, but I do see that as very difficult” or “Clearly, the best thing Shakira could do was leave Piqué.”

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Shakira and Piqué confirmed their separation in June after it was published that the singer caught him with another woman. In November they reached an agreement for the custody of their children, Milan y Sasha. Behind the Session 53 of the artist, published two weeks ago and converted into the best premiere in Spanish on digital platforms, the tension between both parties has skyrocketed. Shakira, as soon as possible, will leave Miami to start a new life with her two children. On the other hand, she will release a new song of hers on February 2, the day on which both she and her ex have her birthday. She 46, he 36.