The mother of Gerard Piqué is for some one more victim of ShakiraHowever, it is Montserrat Bernabéu who has prevented her son from responding to the mother of her children for all the darts and attacks she is receiving.

Saúl Ortiz told Telecinco this Saturday what has been the role of Piqué’s mother in the relationship. The journalist says that Montserrat is “one more victim of the controversy” unleashed as a result of the separation of the soccer player and the Colombian. After several weeks talking about the tsunami of this break, in which the mother of the former soccer player has been involved, the role that Monserrat plays in the break is revealed. “In this story, Montserrat is a victim of hoaxes, she is a victim of accusations, of the gossip of those people who follow Shakira and who believe what she says at face value,” explained Saúl Ortiz. Sources close to the footballer’s environment confirm that Montserrat is having a “brilliant attitude” so that there is no more conflict between Shakira and Piqué. She explains that the former Barcelona player at some point has wanted to “mount a chicken” and it has been his mother who has stopped him so that he stays out of it. “Montserrat has always had a very close attitude with Shakira, protective of her, she has taken great care of her and has avoided conflicts of paparazzi with marriage. He has had exemplary behavior and has always protected Shakira,” she says.