Rafael Amargo, whose passport is withdrawn, plans to leave Spain, a cellmate overheard him

A fellow dungeon of Raphael Bitter he assures that the dancer, whose passport was withdrawn, wants to leave Spain: “It was very heavy, he did not let us sleep,” says the young man who shared a night behind bars with the dancer accused of drug trafficking.

Rafael Amargo returns to the streets after spending 48 hours deprived of liberty after being arrested last Thursday in Alicante accused of drug trafficking. According to some sources, he had them with the agents who made the arrest.

The defense of the artist from Granada has managed to avoid the request of the prosecutor who demanded a bail of 6,000 euros so that the detainee could be released on bail. But the judge has ruled that there is no flight risk, arguing that he is a well-known public figure, that to date and since his first arrest he has appeared in court every fortnight without incident and that he has roots in Spain. In addition, Bitter said when the prosecutor tried to ask him for 6,000 euros of bail that he does not have that amount.

About his nights behind bars, A fellow prisoner has declared on Telecinco that he did not let him or his companions sleep “all night”, and affirms that they heard him say that “he is going to leave the country because he does not like Spain” . The bailaor’s cellmate also recounted that Amargo “was Chinese all night, he didn’t let us sleep. He thought he was crazy. He was very annoying, he was screaming all night ‘let me out!'”, he said.