The Atlético de Madrid coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, pointed out that his team has recovered “its game, strength and ambition” in this stretch of the season with 10 straight games without losing in LaLiga Santander, with a 3-0 defeat this Saturday against the Valencia.

“Things are happening and we have to solve what is happening. The best thing we have done since they returned from the World Cup is that the team has recovered its game, strength, ambition, way of playing. When you start the season badly, it depends “How we ended up. When the group is good, the team ends up responding. It is no coincidence that Lemar, Morata, Correa, Witsel come in well. When there is competition, we all win,” he said at a press conference at the Metropolitan.

The rojiblanco coach highlighted the good dynamics within the group without stopping to regret not having had such a start to the season to stay alive in Europe. On the other hand, the ‘Cholo’ praised Griezmann, with the French “freedom” to get the quality out of him.

“The first half we had very good associating plays, several before the goal, we fell short with 1-0, even 1-1 if it’s not a foul on Memphis. Then came the goals in the second half, we found the path we wanted. We look for this, speed, strength in the second line, defending well”, he stated.

Simeone insisted on not going into the accounts or what was left by the wayside in the first part of the season, already thinking about Betis after the national team break and being able to work with those who were not called up. “I think we have to play a good game against Betis, we are lucky for those who stay to be able to work,” he concluded.