The most open Premier

One more year, one more step forward football in England, because, at the same rate that LaLiga declines, the Premier gets stronger. It is impossible to find another domestic competition in the world with six level teams of the Liverpool, he Manchester City, he Manchester United, he Chelsea, he Arsenal and the TottenhamAs if they were few, Leicester and Wolves have also recently jumped on the bandwagon, two teams that last season left more than good feelings and that have a solid project beyond the dream of a single year. Start the Premier more open and it does so by promising the best football in Europe.

It is true that it is hard that Wolves finish ahead of Liverpool, or that even the Tottenham fight this year for the league title, but it also seems unlikely that reds be able to repeat the miracle of last year as soon as to points. In any case, current champions they are still the favorites, not only because of the squad and coach, but also because of the sense of success in each of the movements that the club has taken since the Klopp's arrival.

Liverpool Shield / Flag

Opposite, and as usual, there will be some citizens that they will not be able to count on Messi but that, honestly, and with all the quotes in the world, they didn't need him either. He City has all the imaginable gunpowder above, and yet suffers from monumental deficiencies behind that will once again threaten all your options in the face of the great titles if they do not give you a definitive solution once and for all. He scare of the sanction keep planning, but if there has been a time and a reason why take out the checkbook maybe be it now, although they must get it right once and for all so as not to continue dragging Fernandinho to the center of the rear and millionaire transfers to the bench.

Shield / Flag M. City

His neighbors, those of the United, will seek to confirm the good feelings that the team began to leave since the arrival of Bruno fernandes in January, a real breath of fresh air that revitalized the entire team and has given new hope yours. He, Greenwood, Rashford and even Pogba they will form the backbone of a group in a permanent state of resurrection.

Shield / Flag M. United

Meanwhile, in the capital, the Chelsea is, without a doubt, the one that expectations has sunsets this season. To the signings of Havertz, Werner, Ziyech and Chilwell the new faces that already excited the previous season, the Mount, Abraham and Pulisic that will make up a young team but with many objectives.

Chelsea Shield / Flag

For his part, Tottenham by Mourinho, who does not get tired of claim transfers but it seems that it will have to conform little more than with nothing, you will have to try to regain a position in the top four to get the budget that allows spurs sign what they need. Their rivals in the north, the gunners by Arteta, they will also bet for the young talent, And it also seems that now, and not with Emery or the last Wenger, the team has been plugged in again.