“Our most important challenges have not yet been achieved”

The president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaíno, has addressed the cadista fans in an open letter on the occasion of the league premiere of the yellow team against the Osasuna. The maximum representative of the entity affirms that the project is still alive and the ceiling has not been the promotion to LaLiga Santander.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

Below we reproduce the statement of Manuel Vizcaino in full due to its revelation:

“Came the day!

The day that seemed like a chimera not long ago, the day we all rub our eyes to see our team in First division, the day you realize that so much suffering has been worth so much distress.

And so much fight to lead to Cádiz Football Club, to the site it deserves for the hobby it has, example in all categories. But this is not the end of any project, this is only the beginning of a beautiful story, which we will rewrite together and that with work and enthusiasm we must dream of it being the most beautiful of the entire centennial trajectory of the Cádiz Football Club .

The stadium will be silent, empty of the sound of our throats, but full of the illusion of the hearts of all Cadistas, which the players will surely perceive.

We are going to fight for it, we are going to fight for it, we are going to start over from scratch, because our most important challenges have not yet been achieved. Remember that the best is yet to come. Enjoy it!”.