The money from public television will pay for the 'chuminero': Lydia Lozano signs for TVE's 'Baila as you can'

After premiering in Mornings (as Informalia advanced in scoop), Lydia Lozano He has a new project on TVE. The one who was a collaborator of Save me has signed for dance as you canthe public entity's new dance competition.

The program will begin recording at the end of January and will begin airing in February, as announced The newspaper. A total of eight well-known faces will participate. Lozano already demonstrated his 'gifts' with dancing on Telecinco thanks to his famous chuminero, the dance that he made popular in Save me. With the program ending in June, Lydia signed on Every man for himself on Netflix and later on public television, for the morning show Jaime Cantizano.

The journalist also has experience in talent shows. Remembered is hers “For Charly!” inLook who jumps! (2013), the Mediaset program in which famous people demonstrated their skills from a diving board in the pool.

Dancing on television is back in fashion, as Telecinco has also launched dancing with the stars for the next season. It will be presented by Jesús Vázquez and Valeria Mazza. Miguel Torres, Mala Rodríguez and Elena Tablada are the three confirmed contestants so far.

Public money to pay Rocío Carrasco, Terelu Campos and Lydia Lozano

On the public channel we now see Lydia Lozano but also other faces that until not long ago had special relevance on Telecinco and in the universe Save me. Terelu Campos It's in Mornings and, in addition, she shares new talent with her friend Rocio Carrasco. The two are part of the team of Bake Off, famous people in the oven, the bun making contest. All the faces that salvamize the public chain are impositions of the general director of content Jose Pablo Lopez that, as we explain in Informaliahas been professionally linked to Oscar Cornejocreator of Save me.