The 49ers lost to the Ravens and got a “D” in Week 16 of the NFL season. The Raiders got a “A-” for their shocking Christmas victory over the Chiefs.

The 49ers lost to the Ravens and got a “D” in Week 16 of the NFL season. The Raiders got a “A-” for their shocking Christmas victory over the Chiefs.

At this time of year, Santa is known for bringing gifts, but he’s not the only one. On Christmas Day, the NFL is also delivering with its first-ever Monday tripleheader.

The Raiders beat the Chiefs to Kansas City in the first game, which was the biggest surprise of the weekend.

The Chiefs lost, which means they have no longer a chance to be the top seed in the AFC. If Kansas City can make it past the wild card round, Patrick Mahomes could play his first playoff game on the road in January.

The Giants gave the Eagles a scare by driving all the way down to their 26-yard line in the last seconds of the second Christmas game.

The Eagles held on to win. It was close, but the Giants couldn’t make the catch. The Eagles came out on top 33-25.

In the last game of Christmas night, Ravens beat the 49ers 33–19 to make a point. The Ravens are likely to be favored to win the Super Bowl on Tuesday, and Lamar Jackson is likely to be favored to win Most Valuable Player.

On Christmas Day, Week 16 of the NFL season continues with three great games, and we have all the highlights from across the league for you!

After taking Tommy DeVito out of the game after the first half, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Giants of New York 33-25 in an exciting finish.

The Las Vegas Raiders shocked everyone by beating the Kansas City Chiefs in the first game of the day.

They did this by scoring two defensive scores on back-to-back plays in scrimmage in the first half, which were key to their 20-14 win.

The Baltimore Ravens made a statement on Christmas Day by beating the San Francisco 49ers 33–19.

The game could be a preview of the Super Bowl upon Monday Night Football (8:15 p.m. ET), and Lamar Jackson became the clear favorite for MVP.

Four times, the Baltimore Ravens picked off the San Francisco 49ers’ Brock Purdy, and they used a 17-point blitz in the third quarter to pull away for a 33-19 win at Levi’s Stadium on Monday night.

Baltimore moved to an NFL-best 12–3 after scoring two touchdowns quickly in the third quarter to turn a 16–12 halfway lead into a 30–12 win.

After taking over for a hurt Purdy, Sam Darnold led the 49ers to a touchdown in the fourth quarter, but it was a bit too late.

Ravens star Lamar Jackson threw for 252 yards and two touchdowns and ran for 45 yards in the game against the 49ers (11-4). He was named MVP.

Jackson put in a strong case for his second NFL MVP award by getting past the 49ers’ pass rushers and throwing for 252 kilometers and two touchdowns in a game between the top two teams.

He was better than Purdy, who played for the 49ers and was the betting favorite to win NFL MVP.

If the Ravens beat the Dolphins on Sunday, they will be the No. 1 spot in the AFC, and they have the best record in the NFL.

The Ravens are in with a 72% chance of winning the top spot in the AFC if they win their fifth game in a row.

Before the game, the Ravens said they felt “disrespected” because they were the outsider for the second time this season. They made a statement in both sides of the ball.

The five interceptions were Baltimore’s most in a single game since 2007. The Ravens also scored on seven straight plays, the longest such streak since 2019.

Bailee Zappe and Chad Ryland, don’t worry. I saw some of the best parts of the New England Patriots’ win over the Denver Broncos.

The Miami Dolphins were taken off the “pretenders” list on Sunday, and I stopped writing for the night because you don’t make a Mexican family await to open their tamales on Noche Buena.